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What is Royalty-free licensing?
Under Royalty-free licensing, also called RF, customers only have to pay once to use a file in as many different projects as they want.

What are the terms for submitting my content?
Please review our Artist’s Supply Agreement which outlines the legal terms of submitting content to iStock.

Do I retain the copyright of the work I submit?
Yes. You will retain the copyright of all content you submit to iStock.

What does iStock pay?
We pay contributors a base royalty rate of 15% on all files we license. Exclusive contributors can earn up to 45%. Learn more about royalties here.

Can I work with iStock as a business?
Yes. Please note that you will be required to submit your business information when you enter your tax details.

I am under 18 years old. Can I become a contributor?
We require that you be at least 18 years of age to contribute to You are more than welcome to apply once you are 18 years of age.

Application FAQs

What size should my application samples be?
Photo and illustration files should be in JPEG format and sized no larger than 3GB. Video samples must be in .MOV format with a maximum size of 3GB.

My files are not uploading: what do I do next?
Check your internet bandwidth and that your files are in one of our supported formats.

How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?
You should expect to hear from us within 30 business days although this can fluctuate depending on busy periods. If you have been accepted to work with us, you will receive an email invitation containing instructions on how to complete enrollment. Please check your spam/junk folders as the email can occasionally be placed there.

The link in my invitation does not work.
Our invitations contain a specialized enrollment link that expires within 60 days of receipt. Please contact us here if you would like a new invitation to be sent to you.

Does the content I submit here appear on iStock? 
The photos, illustrations and/or videos you submit to us can be published to our website only if your application is successful and you complete the submission process.

Can I upload more files to my application?
No. Once you have submitted your application you cannot add more content.